Program Spotlight: Step Up Tutoring

Step Up Tutoring is a nonprofit that provides high-impact tutoring to help close the opportunity gap.

Step Up Tutoring and Ernst and Young piloted a program for a day of service for their employees where they created an online program that our college age Fellows could attend with their elementary school tutees. The programming was cleverly designed so that both groups could benefit from the information delivered. They discussed why it is important to start saving money as early as possible and the power of compounding interest. They also shared some insight into what they do at Ernst and Young and qualities that they look for when they are hiring and that they believe lead to being successful.

The impact of this event was that both our elementary school students and our College tutors learned practical lessons about saving and also about career paths they might want to consider. It was also an opportunity for our tutors and tutees to take a virtual field trip to explore something outside of their every week tutoring together that they could then discuss and grow together.

Step Up is in the process of planning the event again this year with Ernst and Young. Their employees also thought it was a worthwhile endeavor and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with our community. We are using this model to reach out to other Corporate partners using the same format to create additional opportunities for our tutors and tutees to learn and grow together.

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