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Colleges and universities have a vital role to play in a national effort to help P-12 students in their communities to recover from the impacts of the pandemic and thrive.

The U.S. Department of Education is calling on colleges and universities that receive Federal Work-Study funds to set public goals to use more of these funds for community service roles that enable their students to provide tutoring, mentoring, postsecondary transition coaching, student success coaching, and/or wraparound/integrated student support coordination (“NPSS roles”) in P-12 schools or out-of-school time programs.

Ready to Take Action?

Your IHE’s leadership, staff, students, and campus and regional community can receive resources, guidance, and support through the National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS).

The NPSS is a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of Education, AmeriCorps, and the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, that serves to connect and support organizations working towards the collective goal of increasing the number of adults serving in P-12 student support roles.

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Answer the Call to Action

Your college or university can contribute to this national effort by setting a public goal to either 1) use at least 15% of your institution’s Federal Work-Study funding to compensate college students in NPSS-aligned community service roles, or 2) significantly increase the number of college students that you place in NPSS roles by June 2025. 

Take action by helping to mobilize your campus to engage more college students in community service in collaboration with your local P-12 education and youth support systems, through student employment opportunities, pre-service teacher training, credit-based experiential learning, student volunteer organizations, more.


Dear Colleague Letter: Key Policy Letters Signed by the Education Secretary

This letter calls on institutions to place more college students in high-impact roles supporting P-12 students in local schools or out-of-school time programs using Federal Work-Study and other funding.


Dear Colleague Letter: Community Service Requirements in the FWS Program

This letter reminds institutions that mentoring positions, including for the purposes of tutoring, in public K-12 schools fulfill the community service requirement in the Federal Work Study (FWS) program.


NPSS Support Hub IHE Guidance Toolkit: Moving from Commitment to Action

Leveraging Partnerships between Institutions of Higher Education and P-12 Systems to Support Students’ Thriving through Federal Work-Study Community Service Roles

This guide outlines initial steps and considerations for IHEs moving from commitment to action. 

National Student Support Accelerator’s Higher Education Institution Playbook

The National Student Support Accelerator’s new tool supports colleges and universities in partnering with school districts to offer high-impact tutoring services. This playbook provides considerations and guidance on program design, implementation, challenges, and solutions, as well as program profiles.

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Programs In Action

Enriching Literacy Skills

America Reads Literacy Corps at Syracuse University

Expanding to Support Pandemic Recovery

America Reads and America Counts at New York University

Leveraging Virtual Tutoring for Pandemic Recovery

K-12 Connect at Grand Valley State University

Student Success Coaching

Peer Power Foundation at the University of Memphis

Building Service-to-Educator Pipelines

Deans for Impact’s Aspiring Teachers as Tutors Network

Post-Secondary Pathways Coaching

Young Scholars Program at Rhodes State College

Supporting Kindergarten Readiness

Jumpstart’s College Corps at the George Washington University


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The National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS) seeks to connect providers of student supports with other organizations working toward the same goals. As such, the NPSS Support Hub offers no-cost technical assistance to states, school districts, schools, and other public or nonprofit entities providing tutoring, mentoring, student success coaching, post-secondary transition coaching, and wraparound support coordination, including in the context of afterschool and summer programs. 

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Check out our comprehensive list of resources based on student support category.


NPSS: A Call to Action, Information & Resources

The following document highlights the goals of the National Partnership for Student Success, information on the NPSS Higher Education Coalition, along with resources and support from the U.S. Department of Education and the NPSS Support Hub. 


Post-Secondary Transition Coaches

Support post-secondary exposure, college search and fit/match, college application creation, financial aid applications, and navigation of post-secondary transitions.


Academic Tutors

A form of teaching, one-on-one or in a small group, towards a specific goal. High-impact tutoring leads to months of additional learning gains for students by supplementing (but not replacing) students’ classroom experiences. High-impact tutoring responds to individual needs and complements students’ existing curriculum.


High-Quality Mentors

With training and support, facilitate a variety of youth development and enrichment experiences, help youth explore and affirm their identity, provide navigational support around school-to-work transitions, and buffer against adversity in-school, out of school, and over the summer.


Student Success Coaches

Form diverse teams in systemically under-resourced schools to partner with teachers to provide integrated, relationship-driven social, emotional, academic, and youth development supports to enhance student outcomes and create positive learning environments at the classroom and whole school level during and after the school day.


Wraparound/Integrated Student Support Coordinators

Enable schools to build strong connections and systems with community health, mental health, and social service providers. Coordinators put school climate plans and multi-tiered systems of support into action.


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