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There are numerous evidence-based approaches to supporting P-12 students’ holistic thriving. Learn how partnerships between institutions of higher education, schools, districts, and nonprofit organizations can make a breadth of opportunities available for higher education students to serve and work in roles as tutors, mentors, student success coaches, postsecondary transition coaches, and more, in P-12 schools and out-of-school time programs.

Enriching Literacy Skills

Syracuse University Literacy Corps


Program Overview: 

  • An America Reads Program, Syracuse University Literacy Corps is a reciprocal learning program that mobilizes Syracuse University (SU) students to engage in the broader Syracuse community via partnerships with multiple schools and nonprofits, including Syracuse City School District, Solvay Union Free School District, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District, Syracuse Academy of Science Charter Schools, and Syracuse-area community based organizations. 
  • SU students who participate in the SU Literacy Corps program tutor youth for approximately 8-10 hours per week and are paid an average of $2,500 annually through their Federal Work-Study award. 
  • SU Literacy Corps tutors consistently provide one-on-one and small group literacy support to youth. Tutors also act as role models, resources and support systems for students.

Program Impact: 

  • During any given academic year, over 200 SU Literacy Corps tutors serve the community at over 25 different sites throughout the greater Syracuse area. 
  • SU Literacy Corps tutors provide nearly 15,000 hours of enriching literacy support in classrooms and after-school programs each year.
  • Students with whom SU Literacy Corps tutors work with later demonstrate improvement in academics, classroom participation and/or behavior as stated in the SU Literacy Corps’ tutors’ teacher evaluations. 
  • In Fall 2022, SULC tutors worked at 17 sites, tutored 824 students, provided 2,287 tutoring hours and according to teacher’s evaluations 92% of the students improved their academics, classroom participation and/or behavior. 

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