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NPSS-Aligned Student Support Programs

There are numerous evidence-based approaches to supporting P-12 students’ holistic thriving. Learn how partnerships between institutions of higher education, schools, districts, and nonprofit organizations can make a breadth of opportunities available for higher education students to serve and work in roles as tutors, mentors, student success coaches, postsecondary transition coaches, and more, in P-12 schools and out-of-school time programs.


Providing Near-Peer Tutors and Mentors

2 Succeed (Raising a Village Foundation) with Washington, DC-area Universities


Program Overview: 

  • Driven 2 Succeed (D2S), run by the Raising A Village Foundation, is a youth-development program for K-12 students that utilizes college students as near-peers to provide academic, social emotional, and college and career readiness support during the school day and after school, including through a summer acceleration program.
  • Through Federal Work-Study funding, Raising A Village engages college students with varying majors from several local universities, including American University, George Washington University, Howard University, and Catholic University of America, as “Driven Student Guides,” alongside a cadre of “Driven Student Leaders” that are majoring in elementary or secondary education. In total, these universities allocate an estimated $200,000 in Federal Work Study funding each year to support 65 or more Student Guides.
  • AmeriCorps VISTA members serve as Site Leads, overseeing program administration and logistics. As AmeriCorps members,Site Leads receive a modest living stipend and have access to a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award at the completion of each year of service. For fiscal year 2023, members that serve full-time for one year receive an award of $6,895 that can be used to pay for educational expenses or to repay qualified student loans.
  • Raising A Village provides a strong example of how nonprofit organizations can partner with colleges and universities to leverage multiple funding streams – including federal work study and AmeriCorps – to engage and support college students in service of K – 12 student success.
  • To learn more, watch Jaleesa Hall, Founder and CEO of Raising a Village, discuss D2S during this NPSS webinar: Colleges Moving From Commitment to Action.

Program Impact: 

  • Since 2019, more than 200 college students from 5 colleges and universities have served as Driven Student Guides or Driven Student Leaders with Driven 2 Succeed.
  • Over 2,000 elementary, middle and high school students have been served through the Driven 2 Succeed Program.
  • The Driven 2 Succeed Program has seen 80% of students show positive grade increases, 85% of students have perfect attendance, and 92% complete all homework and classwork assignments on time. 

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