Engaging Corporate Volunteers In Student Support Roles: Toolkit for Nonprofits

Are you looking to create partnerships with corporate volunteer programs and engage them in meaningful service, supporting children in your community?

Companies are an integral part of their communities, and many recognize that their businesses and employees will be strained if local educational systems or the community itself are struggling. Corporate employers and corporate volunteers can play a critical role in helping students recover from the impacts of the pandemic and thrive. Encouraging employees to volunteer can be a powerful way for companies to give back to society while helping their staff to develop personally and professionally

It is important for corporate employers to consider the benefits and business case for engaging their employees in service to support young people, not only to better their communities but to ensure they have access to an educated and highly trained workforce. If you are seeking engagement from corporate partners, you should be able to discuss how their support will not only benefit young people, but also the employers who need access to an educated and highly trained workforce.

This toolkit is intended for nonprofits, schools, districts, and out-of-school time programs as they consider where and how to bring corporate volunteers in to serve as tutors, mentors, student success coaches, student support coordinators, and/or post-secondary transition coaches in their programs.

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