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What is Post-Secondary Transition Coaching?

Post-secondary transition coaching supports students with post-secondary exposure, college search and fit/match, college application creation, financial aid applications, and navigation of post-secondary transitions.

Technical assistance for post-secondary transition coaching at the Hub will be led by National College Attainment Network (NCAN).

Why Implement Post-Secondary Transition Coaching?

Evidence indicates that supporting students through transitions out of high school and into college improves college access and success. Post-secondary transition coaching and college advising more broadly have been demonstrated to increase rates of both college enrollment and persistence.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of academically prepared high school seniors miss the college transition, and many more “under enroll” in institutions where they are likely to drop out before graduation. According to the National Student Clearinghouse, 52% of 2016 high school graduates from high-poverty high schools enrolled in college immediately after high school, a figure 25 percentage points lower than their peers from low-poverty high schools. More than 60% of low-income students attend community colleges and for-profit institutions, which often have low graduation rates, compared to only 21% of high-income students.

When students receive specialized early awareness information, pre-college advising on admissions and financial aid, and mentoring, college entrance and completion rates rise dramatically. Students from low-income schools served by NCAN member organizations are 26% more likely to enroll in postsecondary education directly after high school and 42% more likely to complete a credential or degree than students from low-income high schools nationally. With the right support, low-income students and students of color succeed at similar rates to wealthier, majority-race students.



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