Promising Practices Webinar Series, Pt. 1

The NPSS Hub recently hosted the first session of a new Promising Practices Series, co-hosted by Throughline Learning—an NPSS Supporting Champion. The webinar included a panel discussion focused on place-based models utilizing community educators in student support roles.

Our discussion featured speakers from City Year, Reservoir Avenue Elementary in Providence, RI, Segue Institute for Learning in Central Falls, RI and Throughline Learning:

  • Amarillis Barbosa: Community Educator at Reservoir Avenue Elementary
  • Cynthia Torres: Principal at Reservoir Avenue Elementary
  • Jennifer Boyce: Vice President, SSC Technical Assistance at City Year
  • Kaholanis Amadis: Community Educator at Segue Institute for Learning
  • Kevin Montoya: Principal at Segue Institute for Learning
  • Michaelle Larracuente: Director of Program & Implementation at Throughline Learning

Related Resources:

For additional resources related to expanding place-based student supports, we encourage you to review our District Partnership Toolkit and Voluntary Quality Standards.

Video Chapters:

(Use these timestamps to navigate the video above.)

  • 00:00 | Introduction to the NPSS
  • 04:52 | Introducing Co-Host, Throughline Learning
  • 09:42 | Panelist Introductions
  • 13:03 | Q: How Does Onboarding & Continued Support Create Success?
  • 15:25 | Q: Important Considerations for Creating Student Support Roles?
  • 20:43 | Q: Bright Spots In the Impact of Community Educators?
  • 28:27 | Q: How Has Being a Community Educator Impact Your Career Path?
  • 32:30 | Q: Tips for Increasing Program Capacity?
  • 36:44 | Q: Recommendations for LEAs Expanding Into New Partnerships?
  • 42:49 | Getting Involved with NPSS & Throughline Learning
  • 48:11 | Q/A from Audience

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