Finding Student Success Coach Opportunities

What is Student Success Coaching?

Student Success Coaches provide students with 1:1 tutoring, small group instruction, and social-emotional skill building. They welcome students to school in the morning and run after-school enrichment programs and school-wide events designed to enhance the school’s culture and climate. Student Success Coaches form diverse teams of near-peers in systemically under-resourced schools who partner with teachers to provide integrated, relationship-driven social, emotional, academic, and youth development supports to enhance student outcomes and create positive learning environments at the classroom and whole school level during and after the school day.

Check Out These Student Success Coaching Programs!

Consider checking out the following organizations that provide student success coaching in collaboration with schools:

Tips and Tricks for Finding a Student Success Coaching Opportunity

In addition to the list above, there are a growing number of Student Success Coach (SSC) programs nationwide. When looking into a program, consider the following:

Emphasis on an authentic coach/student relationship: As near-peers, SSCs develop an authentic relationship with each of their students. Key markers of this developmental relationship are trust, genuine care, and belonging. SSCs promote more equitable outcomes for their students by involving them in decision-making and elevating student voices to teachers and other school staff.

Data-informed programming: SSCs and program staff leverage quantitative and qualitative data to identify students for services, monitor progress for interventions, and improve programming.

Diverse group of skilled coaches: Program staff employ a thoughtful, data-informed recruitment process to attract a diverse cohort of SSCs who are adaptable, diligent, reflective, and committed to students. Once accepted to serve, program staff ensures that proper supports — including asset-based framing of service expectations and benefits to support SSCs in acclimating to the school community and city — are in place for SSCs to begin their service.

Intentional school integration and holistic supports: Teachers collaborate closely with SSCs, who integrate with school staff by attending meetings and aligning their efforts with schoolwide programs and curricula. This integration is driven by a program staff member, who works with the broader school staff to ensure an effective synergy between the SSCs and the school community. SSCs have frequent and consistent student contact, both in the classroom and across the school environment, and promote a positive school climate. The program focuses on the whole child, with SSCs integrating social, emotional, and academic supports, leading to improved outcomes.

Ongoing learning and development: SSCs begin their service with preservice training and continue through a year-long scope and sequence of professional learning. This learning and development is designed to be a recursive experience that supports intentional sense-making of their evolving identity as a practitioner as they continually improve through feedback and reflection loops. In this way, the SSC is experiencing a learning process similar to the one they are delivering to students. This enables them to improve their practice and acquire skills that prepare them to be changemakers who can work across lines of difference.

Supportive program structure: The program is grounded in an understanding of positive youth development, which informs how program staff support SSCs as well as how SSCs support students. Full-time program staff develop district partnerships, support SSCs, and secure sustainable funding sources. The program maintains certain elements, such as providing research-based, integrated academic, social-emotional, and attendance supports, while adapting to the priorities and vision of the individual school community.

More information on these evidence-based student success coach program elements can be found in this student success coach program driver overview document produced by City Year in partnership with Intentional Futures.

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