Leveraging People-Powered Student Supports to Advance Digital Equity

Leveraging People-Powered Student Supports to Advance Digital Equity

Building on lessons learned from a May 2023 webinar/workshop, the NPSS Digital Equity Working Group developed “National Partnership for Student Success: Leveraging People-Powered Student Supports to Advance Digital Equity,” a series of resources aimed to further understanding of current digital equity issues and recommend ways that the “digital navigator” model can be integrated into their services.

New Resources: 

What is Digital Equity?


What is a Digital Navigator?


See Bright Spots Across the Country


Discover Resources to Support Digital Inclusion, with Caitlin Ameral

National Partnership for Student Success Hub Member Caitlin Ameral of City Year joined the Unpacking Education Podcast to discuss the importance of digital inclusion in the success of our nation’s youth. Listen to the full episode today!


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Schools & Districts


Youth Serving Organizations

Colleges & Universities

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Check out our comprehensive list of resources based on student support category.


Post-Secondary Transition Coaches

Support post-secondary exposure, college search and fit/match, college application creation, financial aid applications, and navigation of post-secondary transitions.


NPSS: A Call to Action, Information & Resources

The following document highlights the goals of the National Partnership for Student Success, information on the NPSS Higher Education Coalition, along with resources and support from the U.S. Department of Education and the NPSS Support Hub. 


Academic Tutors

A form of teaching, one-on-one or in a small group, towards a specific goal. High-impact tutoring leads to months of additional learning gains for students by supplementing (but not replacing) students’ classroom experiences. High-impact tutoring responds to individual needs and complements students’ existing curriculum.


High-Quality Mentors

With training and support, facilitate a variety of youth development and enrichment experiences, help youth explore and affirm their identity, provide navigational support around school-to-work transitions, and buffer against adversity in-school, out of school, and over the summer.


Student Success Coaches

Form diverse teams in systemically under-resourced schools to partner with teachers to provide integrated, relationship-driven social, emotional, academic, and youth development supports to enhance student outcomes and create positive learning environments at the classroom and whole school level during and after the school day.


Wraparound/Integrated Student Support Coordinators

Enable schools to build strong connections and systems with community health, mental health, and social service providers. Coordinators put school climate plans and multi-tiered systems of support into action.


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